Monday, May 5, 2008

Stink-O De Mayo

Don't you just hate how commercialized our holidays have become these days? Shoot, they don't even celebrate Cinco de Mayo down in old Mexico, so I'm told. Well, in an effort to keep the holiday fires burning bright here in Aztlan, I decided to pop the top off a bottle of Black Mountain Brewing Chili Beer and toss back a few soft tacos from that most authentic of Mexican cuisine purveyors, Taco Bell. The beer touts itself as a premium lager beer with chili pepper added. In this regard they are not bluffing; there is an actual chili pepper floating in the bottle.

Uggh. What a waste. This stuff is vile. It smells mildly of vinegar or pickles in the bottle and in the glass. It tastes nothing of beer and completely like I imagine it would taste if one drank the juice from a jar of jalapenos. I didn't finish the bottle. (Understand, I'll put jalapenos on just about anything.)

This beer is a gimmick, pure and simple. I think it might work nicely for boiling brats or sausage before slapping them on the grill and I might consider buying it again for that purpose, but for drinking? Never. This stuff is marketed by a Cave Creek, Arizona brewery but it's actually made in Tecate, Mexico these days. I have not traveled up the road to see if they actually serve any other decent beers at the brewpub in Cave Creek - maybe some time before summer is over, but I won't be ordering Chili Beer.

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