Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Post from Altitude

First Miller-Coors product of 2014, sampled and blogged at over 30,000 feet somewhere between Salt Lake City and Phoenix. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Post of 2014 - Photo Dump

October 12, 2012, Nero’s Apeccchio Red Ale
Picked this one up at Trader Joe’s and haven’t seen it there since, which is regrettable.  The notebook entry for this one reads:

Sweet malty smelling with a medium weak head.  Orange red with a beige head.  Surprising alcohol bite with a sweet almond finish.  Good. 
The alcohol content on this one was 6.5% but my notes show that there was more of a bite to this than was reflected in the posted abv.

June 24, 2012, Black Star Brewing, Black Star Lager

As I recall, I picked this one up when the new Winco store opened up down the road from BeerRant HQ.  It didn’t make enough of an impression on me that I have bothered to buy more after that first six-pack, but here’s my initial impression:
Weak Head, no noticeable smell.  Active beading, apple juice color.  No significant taste profile.  A bit corny or grainy – that’s it.  Good hot weather lager.

In hindsight, perhaps if the price is right, this is one to pick up in the middle of summer for use as a post lawn mower beer.

June 25, 2012, Murphy’s Premium Red Ale

Here’s another one that evidently didn’t make my price point as a bargain based on the notes, which read:
Pours reddish bronze with a decent head.  Smells malt sweet like a lot of reds.  No significant taste profile – somewhat bitter and a bit dry at the finish.  Okay beer but only if it’s cheap.  Bought as a single at BevMo.

Since I’m in the Beehive State at the moment, perhaps it’s best if I close this first entry of 2014 with a past review of a Utah beer.
December 27, 2011, Uinta Brewing, King’s Peak Porter
Dark coffee brown, not opaque.  Decent tan head with a distinct coffee smell.  Medium mouth feel.  Faint coffee taste at the finish.   Best Utah beer so far this visit (2011).
I have some King’s Peak Porter squirrelled away in a secret location that I hope to sample while I’m in Utah this season.  Wish me luck and Happy New Year to you all.

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