Monday, July 11, 2011

Out of the loop (again)

I've been out of the loop for several months.  I need to say that the NASCAR event was terrific and to let you all know that Turn One Racing provided me with some wonderful access to the pit lane at Phoenix International Raceway.  Kudos also to Old World Brewing - without them I'd have been stuck in the stands.

Since my last post, I've entered a Master's degree program that is keeping me very busy.  So, what with playing with the grandkids every weekend and working a 40 hour week as well, it's been a grind.  Add to that the fact that Google blogger has dinked up the posting process so I'll have to relearn a bunch of that stuff as well.  Little wonder I've shied away from posting all these months, huh?

I have been keeping the beer log though and there are some terrific vintage beers stored in the fridge that I'm dying to try.  One from 2009, and a couple from 2010.  Perhaps I'll keep them a bit longer.  I may be seldom seen but I'm not gone completely.

By the by, this is my first post using a fancy new laptop computer we picked up a few months back.  (Did I mention the 2012 Mustang that's now parked at Beer Rang HQ?  Yeah, we've lost our minds here.  I find I'm drinking less and driving more these days, but it's grand.)

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