Friday, August 5, 2011

First (Ever) Post from the Road

Spending 9 days or so in Utah.  Today is International Beer Day or some such and I happen to have picked up a bottle of British beer:  Oxfordshire Ales' Triple B.

Tasting notes read thus: Sweet malty smell.  Bronze color, weak head.  (I may have chilled it a bit too much.)  Malty nutty taste, sweet tea-like finish.  Tastes a bit like Bass but better.

May have to find more of this for the drive back to Beer Rant HQ.  (Already found 12 packs of Olympia, which I thought was long gone from the face of the earth.  Will buy one for old time sake.)

Here's a web cam shot of today's taster.

That rocking horse in the background belongs to my granddaughter.  Spent the morning tightening it up.  Seems it's been rode hard out on the range and needed a little maintenance.  Good as new now!

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