Sunday, July 26, 2015

Airport Kiltlifter

This space is sadly neglected. Perhaps it's a measure of where my life priorities are these days. I got to a point where I was drinking more and blogging less and enjoying neither. 

Lately though, I seem to be doing less of both, but the blogging has been a good thing and (personal note) my weight is down somewhat since I cut my beer intake roughly in half. So here's to more blogging with less beer, perhaps. 

I may be drinking less beer but I'm still trying to focus on drinking good beer while I'm at it.  To that end, if price is a barometer of a beer's quality (of course it isn't), then this $7 glass of Four Peaks Kiltlifter was spectacular!



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA: Awesome But Pricey

I'm a big fan of the Deschutes line and this one is a worthy addition. Fresh Squeezed has the musty smell of an old library. It pours a lovely clear bronze color with a thick head the color of a manila folder. 

The taste is faintly sweet with a hint of almond bitterness. There is no taste of grapefruit, citrus or fresh cut pine as you might expect but the flavor is unique enough and is even better on draft (based on a growler of this that I tried recently). Too bad this one runs in the $11/six pack range. At that rate this will have to be an occasional splurge here at Beer Rant HQ. 

(Shout out to Kate and Dane, btw.)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The label says it all.

There's a burro on the label of this "Mexican ale" to remind me of one very important point: I'd be a jackass to but it a second time. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Farewell Old World Brewery

According to a post on their Facebook page today, Old World Brewery is no more. 

I've posted a number of positive pieces about OWB here at Beer Rant and I'll get around to a more detailed remembrance later but it's enough to admit at this point that I was probably one of the "Homers" who were ridiculed in a negative review of OWB in a local publication a good while back. 

I took a swing through the neighborhood to have a look at OWB on the way home from work today. Somewhat sad even when the pints were flowing, the place was positively depressing. A beer would gave been nice. Oh well. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Three more to round out 2014

Squatter's Snowbird Dunkelweizen is true to the style with a distinct taste of banana. Even though it was well chilled, it poured with a nice head. Because of the prominent flavor component, not an ideal session beer. 

Shades of Pale Publican Pale Ale. Probably my favorite of the evening. Attractive in the glass. Malty smell and taste. Reminds me somewhat of Deschutes Mirror Pond but with a slightly odd finish but still good. 

Eager to learn more about Shades of Pale brewing, I hopped over to their Facebook page and, as with a lot of what I see on FB, I came away with a lower opinion of the human race. Evidently, they are changing the label on Publican Pale Ale. Seems some folks thought it was a reference to "republicans."  If this is the case, I hope those idiots who didn't know the difference will keep drinking and stop voting. (You can take the beer snob out of remedial reading but you'll never take the remedial reading out of some beer snobs, I guess.)

Last up was Squeaky Bike Brown Ale from Moab Brewery. This one was okay; looked nice and all, but it just seemed to lack something. I'd be willing to try it again some time, even if the bike reference strikes me as a bit over done. 

I expect there will be more beers this evening-it's New Year's Eve for hell's sake!  I will resolve to do more posting in 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A post from the road: Utah

How long has it been since I posted here? God knows. 2014 had been a shit year, frankly, but I'm grateful for an opportunity to ring in 2015. I'm hoping for better. Meanwhile, here are a couple of beers from the past week. 

A Wasatch Bobsled Brown Ale that has been sitting in my daughter's fridge since Christmas 2013!  I have to say, it held up pretty well.  

A mug of Trader IPA. The beer was great!  The prime rib sucked. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Post from Altitude

First Miller-Coors product of 2014, sampled and blogged at over 30,000 feet somewhere between Salt Lake City and Phoenix. 

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