Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fuller's ESB

I suppose the title says it all. The reputation precedes the product, so to speak. This beer is in Michael Jackson’s “beer book” and is thus this one’s on my life’s list of beers to experience and this time I’m glad for the trip.

I don’t know how folks in England feel about this beer, but in my mind’s eye I see Brits pulling proudly on pints of Fuller’s ESB, perhaps defiantly as German bombs rain down during the Blitz. (My minds eye seems to have gotten stuck somewhere in mid, to late-1940. Want to read a great book about the Battle of Britain? “The Hardest Day.”)

Pours handsome amber orange with a light colored medium head. Smells hoppy and of malt both in the bottle and in the glass and also slightly of caramel in the glass. Will cop you a pretty notable buzz even at just under 6% abv. You probably won’t be ready to scramble in your Spitfire to fight Messerschmitts after you knock back a few of these, okay?

Here’s the link to Fuller’s website: especially like the section “Run Your Own Pub.” Yep, they have a list of pub properties in England that you can sign on to lease and run! Oh, my mind’s eye is working again! I rather fancy this locale myself……The Butchers Arms!

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